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All our consumer psychology-based insight work starts from the same point; a highly developed understanding of how consumers think. 

Before we go to our toolkit of research techniques we apply our unique model of consumer psychology to the area under consideration.  This enables us to design the right research approach, identify the key hypotheses we'll need to explore and be clear what we can and can't understand from consumer data, observation or interviews.

Psychological studies makes it abundantly clear that context counts.  Our unconscious minds are constantly scanning and filtering the environment and passing on limited information to us at a conscious level.  As a result the same consumer will behave differently in a different context. 

This knowledge doesn't just mean we need to consider how we capture the consumer in the appropriate context, we must also be clear if the research process is creating its own context (and accompanying influences) on the unconscious mind.  We can tell you about examples where the same question produces diametrically opposed responses, just because the context has changed.


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